Substance vs Style

The First Family made headlines this week for letting it be known that Mr. is not uber-thrilled with his daughters watching Keeping Up with the Karashians and its various spin offs.  Apparently, Mr. thinks the Kardashian women are not the greatest examples for his young daughters.  What?  Three women from a super-rich family in a state with a large, affordable, highly accessible University system who never meaningfully pursued higher education and mostly breeze around on their deceased father’s and step father’s connections and the benefits of huge salon and clothing budgets?  What’s the problem?

That’s the thing about Midwesterners.  They are so boring.  It’s all, getting an education, reading books, eating healthy, exercise, modest dress, and financial responsibility.  Ugh, stability!  It’s like watching paint dry.

First, I wanna say, that if I spent what the Kardashian girls (women?) did on hair extensions, clothes, makeup, salon appointments, personal trainers, etc, I’d look pretty glamorous.  I personally think that I look pretty good on a given day even without all that stuff.  And actually, a bunch of random guys on the street have confirmed that over the years.  I ain’t no holler back girl, but I don’t mind getting hollered at.  😀  It’s not just me, almost any woman with that much work on her appearance is going to look good.

So, to all the guys who are like, go for it.  Sure, fork over the $25,000 a month.  No joke.  All that jazz is expensive.  And at the end of the day, you have some pictures, clothes that are out of date before they come back from the dry cleaner, and hair extensions.  That’s your adult life, I’ll take a pass and find a guy who likes a T-shirt and jeans girl who dresses up when it is called for (and not to go to the grocery store).  Although, I am thinking that such guys are mythical beasts like the griffin or a landlord who fixes things.

You could say that I’m being snobby for picking on the Kardashian girls for not being academic.  They did all graduate high school, and lot of people put off college for other opportunities.  OK, like, posing in lingerie while eight months pregnant in People.  (Yeah, OK, I read People sometimes.  I go to the dentist.)  That one almost blinded me.  Seriously, talk about putting the shame in shameless self-promotion.  Or a self-described “porn”-like series of nudes for W?

I’m going to put this one on the GenX guys, you all want to date that.  Is that what you want for your daughter someday, if you had one?  Your girlfriend is someone’s daughter.  You might get along better with that guy if you wanted something more for his kid.

Anywho, I’m with Mr. and Mrs. First Family.  If I ever have a daughter, I’d rather she was watching Mrs. First Family than Mrs. Odom, Mrs. Humphries, and Mr. Disick’s co-parent.  And to Mrs. Odom, I’m glad for you that your parents made you clean your own room and do some dishes and cooking at some point.  I think you could do a lot more, like get a maybe a college degree and a career, self-image, and public image that is about something other than your appearance.  I really do.  I really think you deserve a role in society with more dignity than high-priced court jester.  Sadly, I don’t know enough about the You underneath the makeup and expensive clothes to know what that might be.  Maybe you would be a good social worker, or a lawyer like your dad, or a biochemist or an automechanic.  I honestly believe there something inside you and you should have a chance to let it out.

Me, I’ll stick to the Middle Road—t-shirt, jeans, no makeup, bill paying, books and movies self.  A party and dress up every once in awhile will have to be enough.  🙂

About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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