Big White Truck Polka

Big White Truck Polka

I’m headed to Wisconsin, in my big white truck,
I’m not much of a driver, so wish me lotsa luck.

I’m getting on the freeway, I’m zooming right along,
Oopsie!  The GW Parkway, is a truck free zone!

I’m getting off the freeway, I’m lost in Arlington,
Or is it Alexandria, this is just not fun.

I’m back on the freeway!  I found 66,
I’m almost to the Beltway, this sure did the trick.

Buying gas in Uniontown, that is in P-A,
The trip is going well so far, my truck is A-OK.

Cruising over mountains, the downslope is hairy,
Where’s the runaway truck ramp, this is scary.

Five States down now and four to go!
Goodbye Wheeling, hello Ohio!

I’m pulling off in Zanesville, I hope nobody minds,
I’m parking my big truck, next to the five and dime.

Checking out the library, downtown is sleepy,
The big unicorn is just part of the statuary.

The sun is going down, I am getting tired
Any more caffeine, and I will be wired.

Pullin’ off in Dayton, call me wimpy lady,
I’m curled up in bed, sleepin’ like a baby.

I’m getting gas at the UDF and eating Waffle House,
I’m reading in the paper about some guy who is a louse.

I’m zooming on to Zionsville, what a charming town,
I’m lovin’ my hot chocolate and strollin’ all around.

I’m back on the freeway, the final last big push,
It’s been a lot of driving, ooh!  My achin’ tush.

Woah, Nelly!  There’s a backup, somebody’s in a crackup,
There goes the fuzz, the road’s abuzz.

I wonder what has happened, the stoppage is so lame,
I’m hoping with my iphone, I can watch the Packer game.

Here we go we’re moving, cheers to the Boys in Blue,
And to the guy who gave the jump, here’s also to you.

Buzzing through the Loop, Sunday is a breeze,
My truck is doing fine, not so much as a wheeze.

Almost to Wisconsin, up old 41,
Soon I’ll be at Russell Road the trip is nearly done.

Past the Mars Cheese Castle, past Kenosha and Racine,
Welcome to Milwaukee, gosh it’s really clean!

Sliding through the streets, no parking thanks so much,
So sideways in the driveway, goes my big white truck!

And that’s the Big White Truck Polka!!!!


About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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