Everything You Need to Know You Learn in Kindergarten

So, the “Supercommittee” failed to come up with an alternative cost cutting proposal that could pass both Chambers of Congress by today, so, the Exec Branch led U.S. credit-saving austerity process will proceed.  That the “Supercommittee” came to naught should not have surprised anyone inside the Beltway.  If you are inside the Beltway and you were surprised by this, you drank the Joy Juice at some point.  (Don’t want to malign a long standing American institution like KoolAid.)

And thus, the Legislature legislated, and now the Executive Branch will execute.  My, it is also so, constitutional, isn’t it?

Speaking of colossal failures, the economy of Europe is continuing to flop around like a beached whale in its final moments, trying to free itself from the mire and make its way out into the open ocean.  The “Greek flu” has spread to most of the continent—Portugal and Ireland got their inoculations, Spain got a dose of something, but apparently not enough to make it all better and Italy is, of course, still dealing with the outfall of their sex pervert run recently former government.  France is going along, but it is still France, “maybe you should have left that silk scarf on the shelf” hurting.

Which leaves Germany sitting at the top of the European economy.  Which is, of course, where it has been since about 1980.  However, under the current circumstances, that means it is also sitting at the top of European governance.  Yeah.  Germany.  Does anyone remember the 20th Century anymore?  The word “irony” comes to mind.  I don’t even think Germans think this is a good idea.  I think they kind of liked the World where they were the kind of messed up kid on the block and places like the United States were running things.  Of course, these days, the U.S. is in the vanguard of the mess, aren’t we?  So I guess we are still leading the World, but it is not so much who is in charge, but where it is going.

Much has been made of what to make of this Angela Merkel.  She’s a little bit like a cross between a kindergarten teacher and a grandmother with an aging Glinda the Good vibe, someone comforting to cling to in these difficult times.  The thing is, German grandmothers are not caring nurturers.  Oh, they take care of the little babies and the sick and the weak ones, but after a while, it’s about teaching survival skills.  For instance, there is this German lap bounce game called, “Hoppe, hoppe, Reiter” which roughly translates, “Hippity, hoppity, horseback Rider.”  The grownup bounces the child on their knee until the end when you open your lap and toddler drops on the floor.  Welcome to reality.

Well, Western World, I think Grandma Anja is about to splat us all on the floor.  She’ll be careful with poor little Japan, they’re so good and well behaved and have not been doing so well lately.  And France, they’re right next door.  Grandma has been looking a little bit stressed out lately and that is not a good thing.  France knows Grandma pretty well and they can see what’s coming.  France is maneuvering its way into Grandma’s good side and, hopefully, a soft landing. 

And Big Brother U.S.?  Germany’s been trying to wake us up for a while.  They have been poking and shaking and begging and pleading, pointing out everything we’ve got and how can we be in such bad shape and trying to get us to come to and face reality.  We were the reliable one for a really long time and they really aren’t interested in leading the World.  Germany went for that about 100 years ago and it didn’t turn out so good.

So, will we wake up?  Will the splat shake something loose over here?  Will it be enough for us to feel?  Hard to say.  But there are tougher characters in this World than a Grandma Anja.  Like maybe a Grandpa Barack?

About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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