Occupy Christmas

So, I don’t actually own a TV, but I’ve been watching a bit more lately, including this show called, Whitney.   Whitney is a woman with a steady (live-in?) boyfriend in New York City.  So, I saw this episode (which I admit is the only one I’ve seen) about how lame it is to spend time with your family on Christmas Day and how to lie and maneuver your way out of spending time with your parents to have a cool party with your friends.  And how Christmas is about family drama and fights and hookups and getting drunk and being incompetent with decorations.  And no one ate anything.

Um, I think I’m about done with this dissing Christmas stuff.  You don’t have to be Christian, or even religious about the Day, but I see no barriers to having a dignified day.  If you just want it to be another day off from work, fine.  At a lot workplaces, you can actually get overtime or swap Christmas for a day off at another point in the year.  Insulting the day as an awful dread of having to set aside partying with the same people you’ve been partying with the previous 364 days to spend a day with the people who paid for your college, grad school and foreign explorations for personal enrichment is simply classless and distasteful. 

I guess I’ve always been something of a Christmas junkie, appreciating the singable music, the food (! Because I actually like to eat), getting some gifts, the pretty lights and decorations (because I like bright, shiny things), the multiculturalism, the general feel good.  I understand some people don’t have super healthy families.  OK, so either keep it short and work to be a force for positive change, or if you do demur completely, then do something healthy as an alternative.  On Christmas.  Holy Cow.

I realize that to a lot people drunks are good entertaining drama, court jesters less predictable than a TV show.  Watching them is “fun” and if that’s not available, the alternative of watching TV shows about them is next best.  If you’re screwed up.

So anywho, if you’re like me, boys and girls, let’s have a healthy Christmas, full of hot chocolates *not* laced with peppermint schnaps, spending time with family and close friends, mastering the art of hanging lights, make some little ornaments from paper and glitter and string without killing yourself, eat a home made meal, dust off a few of the old recipes in grandma’s cookbook, and set aside your own moderate alcoholism for one day.  Stability, it’s what’s for dinner.  Just one day.


About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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