Who Won?

So, let history record another floozie freakout.  Not a floozie freaking out, but a freakout over the Floozie Nation.  Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame, referred to Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton as I-words. (It is not nice to call people names, so I won’t repeat that one.)  Now, I’ve let my personal relationships with both young ladies lapse—too busy for the Yacht Club picnic last year—so I can only speak to their public images.  Which are not so great.  Which is generally acknowledged.  Which does nothing to change the fact that millions of people follow the lives of these women and even model themselves after them.    

So, I think Mr. Hamm went a little too far by insulting both women—I think this is sinking to their level rather than raising the Bar.  Classless commentary on class-deficient conduct.  However, once again, point taken. 

It seems like as far back as I can remember, calls for greater civility have been ringing across the Land, accompanied by voices decrying the loss of propriety and social standards.  Along with concerns about bullying and rewarding aggression for aggression’s sake, and the ick factor every time another political icon’s humanity is exposed (kinda makes you long for the days when Bill Clinton’s perceived weakness was a love of McDonald’s fries), does make you question What Direction the Country is Headed in.

I admit to finding both women a bit of a disappointment, not exactly Margaret Mead or Betty Friedan, despite tons of resources and opportunity as young people.  And not just decorative, but public images that are a bit catty, a bit trashy, a bit, “I’m trying to act ‘ordinary’ by imitating Daisy Duke, Pam Anderson, and characters from Dallas.”  Um, Ladies, cutoffs and low cut tops, do not ordinary make, when they thousands of dollars cost.  Only lost is dignity, not privilege.  Ummm, yes.  (Say Master Yoda.)

Thus is American Life today.  Regardless of Mr. Hamm’s statements, the truth is that Miss Kim Kardashian and Miss Paris Hilton are the iconic women of their generation, they who all inspire to be or to woo, win and display on their arm.  Wasn’t there a time when being “a woman of privilege” mean doing charitable work and being an example to the community?  (Of public service, that is, rather than flamboyance and excess.)

Just last week, a new show premiered, GCB.  The ads were so vile, I couldn’t even watch it, I kept hoping it would get dropped by the network before it aired—that happens sometimes, doesn’t it?  Apparently, this show is based on some wildly popular book about the lives of women in Texas.  It appears to be about plastic surgery, gun toting, cheerleading, wardrobe malfunctions, catty gossip, peroxide and generally all other flavors of Women Acting Trashy.  (The foil to Men Behaving Badly?)  Nice.  Well, score one for Northern stereotypes of life in the South, apparently there is some grain of truth . . . . or at least aspiration?

Sigh, just let me take my original equipment, gun free, math team and college educated, modestly dressed, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything, dark-haired self and go sit in a corner and watch the parade pass by.  I suppose reality is that we all wind up living life as adults in a world that is different than the world we grew up in.  Wow, what a difference.

About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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