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Heartlander of the Week: Everybody Back in Their Corner

This week’s Heartlander is Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, for being the Grownup in the Room. Whatever your favorite thing is, Buddy, you get a big pitcher of that, this weekend, and keep it all to yourself. … Continue reading

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Imaginary Friend

I am told, that as an Only Child, I was supposed to have an imaginary friend growing up.  A very real companion nonetheless a figment of my imagination.  A Childhood Harvey, as it were. Truth is, I didn’t.  A very … Continue reading

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Heartlander of the Week: House Mother

This week’s Heartlanders are Darrell Finch and Tony Perez of the Milwaukee Housing Authority, for helping kids in school and stay in school, whether they want to or not.  J School is not easy, even when you do well.  It … Continue reading

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Touch my (Anthony) Weiner

It was a year ago today that New York political Golden Boy Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress, having been exposed (by someone else this time) as an exhibitionist.  Thereby humiliating the United States of America, the institution of the Congress, his constituents, himself. And … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

To all the Dad’s out there!!!!! 🙂 Hope you had a good one. 🙂

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Heartlander of the Week: Aim Hih

This one’s a bit late, admittedly, last week’s entry couldn’t wait.  This week’s Heartlander is the Milwaukee Historic Preservation Commission, for putting the brakes on the demolition of the Sidney Hih building.  Sidney Hih is a nineteenth century building that was an incubator … Continue reading

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Trophy Nation

So, David McCollough, Jr., got in trouble for telling a bunch of high schoolers that they aren’t Special. Fast breaking news flash:  He’s Right, They Aren’t. In the most basic sense, we are all Special, in that we are all … Continue reading

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