Don’t Let the Door Hit You

Normally, I accept the standard American definition of the Christmas season as starting the day after Thanksgiving, and then try to be positive and cheery and Christmasy during that time.  However, Thanksgiving was early this year, and officially for me, Christmas season starts on December 1.  There’s work to be done, things to be said.

So, news again about State Secession petitions.  Colorado’s petition is now at 21,900 signatures and counting.  (Note 1.)

The big news was a few weeks ago when Texas’ Petition hit 25,000 signatures, and was the President going to respond.  (25K is the White House standard for responding to a petition.)

I have a response.  Go ahead.  I am so sick of you loud-mouthed, obnoxious, selfish, greedy, incompetent spoiled children, with your MDF, cheap-ass, one-generation away from Ready-to-Assemble culture.  Don’t tell me, let me guess—the big must-have from Neiman Marcus this year is a genuine pave diamond crusted electric bull?  Only $100,000????  Classy!

And, more to the point, definitely why you people Need.  Your.  Money.  For.  Yourself.   And Cannot.  Pay.  Taxes.   And People.  Have. To.  Starve.  On.  The.  Street.  And if there is going to be help it will come from the federal government!   There’s this big pot of money!  That comes out of the air!  And all those uptight Northerners who don’t like to see people starving on your streets???  They can pay for social programs!!!!  And voting access! And environmental restoration!!!

And if you blow people up on oil rigs and mess up the entire global ocean system with your top flight expert corporate management?  What is really important is your fortune and your lifestyle and your extras and your flamboyance!!!!!  Full steam (or should I say petroleum-power) ahead!!!!

I think that enough people have tried nicely enough to get you to run your state like a democracy, rather than Georgian England wired for electricity.  Essentially, you have even been invaded by democracy missionaries and warriors who have tried to turn the culture of your state toward one of modern government that serves the people, rather than a thin layer of upper class.  They are more than fighting momentum, you simply refuse to turn.  You like feeling like the late medieval nobility, you have a sense of entitlement to it, and a culture wide personality disorder.  You walk by people starving, frying and dying on your streets and you don’t care.  You have never moved on from slavery, from serfdom.  You simply use different words.

Oh, and with regard to the image you create of women, I really have no response to the plastic boobies, pro-Ana, all-I-do-is-shop, image of women.  Really.

So, Texas, I guess you have decided it is time to go.  So go you do, go swiftly and with stealth.  And don’t let the door hit you.  (And don’t get cocky, California, you’re not too far behind.)

Note 1:  In fairness, there is a Wisconsin petition, with almost 8,000 signatures.  A quick perusal of the first hundred or so electronic signatures showed that about one in four people listed their address as a Wisconsin community.  The rest were from other places, mostly Illinois.  From which I guess we take that Illinois would like to see Wisconsin leave the Union?  Feeling is mutual.  🙂

About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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