Off-Topic Monday: Earthquakes and Tusnamis and Nuclear Disasters

Today is the Second Anniversary of the Earthquake off the coast of Japan that led to giant Tusnamis, that damaged Nuclear Reactors on the eastern Japan Coast.

Tens of thousands of people died, some never seen again.  Millions were displaced.  Many will never be able to return to their homes due to unsafe radiation levels.  Japan carries on.

Was Fukushima-Daiichi worse than Chernobyl?  It was certainly worse than Three Mile Island.  All in my life time.

No more.

To another path and a bright future.


About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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