Workplace Wednesday: Hard Work or Hardly Working?

Work is hard, but who works hardest?

There are so many ways to get your hands dirty–like a gardener, like prep cook, a surgeon, a teacher, a banker.

I think the easiest thing to do is look at someone else’s life, or job, and think it is easy because there is something posh about it.

Sitting at a desk warm and safe and dry might seem easy.  Ask the staff who authorize prison releases in Colorado how easy that job is right now.  Ask the District Attorney in Aurora who refused a guilty plea in exchange for life in prison because the feedback from dozens of victims and families (many who he met with personally) was that life in prison isn’t enough.  Ask the accountant who discovers that someone in the company is embezzling.

The thing about hard is that no matter what, it always wears you out, grinds you down, teaches you something you didn’t know.

It can be subtle, even invisible, and some people will make it look effortless from the outside.  That doesn’t mean it is, it just means they are good.



About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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