Musings of a Recovering Clutterbug, Episode 8: Enlist Help

While our clutter is fundamentally our own, sometimes we all need help. And as we all know, “Some kinds of help, are the kinds of help that helping is all about, some kinds of help are the kinds of help we all could do without.” So, you want to find the first kind. Either enlist assistance from someone who is always on your side, or someone who understands and can sympathize with your clutter issues. While you may think finding an ultra-neat person is the way to go, keep in mind that a lot of ultra-neat people actually don’t really know how they do it, will get frustrated with your situation or your confusion or slowness, are closet-messies, or engage in potentially hazardous behaviors like mass unsorted disposal.

Also understand the kind of help you need: do you need a security blanket because you are intimidated—which may fade quickly once you get going, are you the type of person who generally doesn’t like to tackle a large task alone—you work better with a buddy? Do you need some advice? Do you need someone to be your spine and say, “Do it! Donate the high school clothes!” Maybe you need someone to help you organize the effort, what to do first, etc, and then you’re good to take action solo? Or maybe you need a strong back and strong arms to move some stuff around.

If you need help, go for it. Keep in mind that if you are really trying to create change in your life, then help or no, you are going to have to do the work yourself.

As a Clutterbug, I know that most clutter is really not that bad, that deep or that scary. It’s just about finding the time and the mental energy in this busy life to deal with tough stuff. The really scary clutter is the stuff that can happen less in your home and your desk and other physical spaces, and the clutter that can happen in less tangible places.

So it is tough, but like anything else tough, just do it. J But you don’t have to do it alone, if you don’t want to.

About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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