Gluten-free Monday: Oven Fries?

So recipe circulating on the internet: Take a potato, make closely spaced cuts most of the way through the potato along the top, so that you are left with something that looks like a fan or an accordion. Salt generously, drizzle with olive oil, then cook at 425 degrees for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes, you should have a crispy, salty, “fries-like” snack.

I have tried this several times with both Russet and Yukon Gold potatoes. My verdict—even at 425 degrees, this needs a lot more time in the oven. At least 40 minutes for the potato to lose its raw, crunchiness, about 60 minutes to crisp the cooked potato.

The result is yummy, as only salty, greasy potato can be, even if the potato is still tender. However, I simply could not get a crispy product in 20 minutes, even when I turned up the oven temperature to 450 degrees.

So, maybe I go back to oven browns. Maybe I keep working on this one.

Ooohhh, potatoes. Ooohhh.



About missbodie

The Dragon Lady is a life long tea drinker. Her first coffee shops were Big Boy and the Oriental Diner in downtown Milwaukee. She lives in our Nation's Capital with three bicycles and an energetic tabby cat.
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