Gluten-free Monday: Spa in Review or You Can Do This at Home (?) Episode 3

So, it has been about a month since I did my home cleanse. I do think I feel a lot better, my skin is certainly healthier, my digestion has improved, and I think I am a bit lighter and have a slimmer tummy than I did a month ago.

No, I have not lost 30 pounds, or even 20 or even 10. I maybe lost 3-5 pounds through this process. I think I have also seen the value of balancing acidy, salty, sweet and fatty foods, even though I am not sure that I complete understand it.

Looking back, it was a very difficult process. Setting up the juicing day and the two days of solid food cleanse was actually kind of fun and not too stressful, but the physical experience of a cleanse was challenging, and at some points, a bit scary. I think my gluten intolerance was part of the challenge, but even absent that, I found it physically stressful to get through even a day at home on a all fruit, all liquid diet and the sparse, low fat, almost zero dairy two day solid food days was challenging. I cannot emphasize enough that I threw the portions out the window, although I did try to keep the first day “proportionate” giving myself about 2-3 times the standard serving for each drink.

Also, I did not exercise as much as discussed in the Spa book, and exercising in a pool was completely precluded. Bathing did help a lot, although it was exhausting during the three day cleanse and I don’t think I did enough of it.

The cleanse also seemed to kickstart a continuing process of gunk coming out from under my nails as well as flaky skin that clears up quickly with a warm shower. It has never been as overwhelming as it was during the cleanse and a day or two afterward, but it has continued at a slower pace and can be a little freaky.

This experience really made me curious about the actual spa experience, although the price for multi-day stays at some of these resorts is a bit high. So, when I win Lotto. Of course, the websites and books make them sound like an awesome experience. Finger crossed for a Groupon or a good discount on a travel website?

Either way, I think that I am turned on to cleansing. I do think professional guidance is a must, even if it is just a book from a reliable experienced spa. I’m happy with the result, although, I think it will be a while—like a good six to twelve months—before I would attempt it on my own again, and I think I would like to find an affordable day experience, if nothing else.

Finally, I have to say, having done this, I’m a bit horrified by people who do cleanse days every month at home or do cleanse diets while they are working full time and commuting and sticking to a regular schedule. I never would have made it through the three days. And while many of these recipes are tasty (or at least look tasty!) I need a lot more calories. 😀

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