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Gluten-free Monday: Et tu, Soy?

So, as I’ve been progressing on gluten-free, I’ve been learning more about Soy. It turns out that much like Wheat, Soy is a common allergen. And much like Wheat, there is also evidence that in addition to causing “allergic” reactions, … Continue reading

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Heartlander of the Week: Dream a New World

To Terry Pratchett and Michael Graves (in order only of I how I found out).  To brilliant, creative, irreverent minds who made lives better and brought hope to many hearts. The body is fragile; the Work lives.

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Gluten-Free Monday: Buckwheat Redux, Nodeln Again

So, I wrote last week about using buckwheat to make chocolate chip cookies, which basically turned out OK.  So, OK, in fact that they are gone! With leftover buckwheat, I turned to savory dishes.  I looked to the fridge, and … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Monday: Buckwheat Give It a Shot

So, I recently found myself with a hankerin’ for gluten-free homemade chocolate chip cookies, but my muck beloved King Arthur gluten-free flour nowhere to be found.  I took a chance and tried buckwheat, and so far so good. I used … Continue reading

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