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Heartlander of the Week: American Music

This week’s Heartlander is BB King.  Partner of Lucille, the guitar; son of Mississippi; child of America. The nice thing about artists is, even when they leave you, you always have their Work. Another Angel for the Choir, er, the … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Monday: Get Bookish

I was in the bookstore the other day perusing the bargain shelves, the ones near the front where a serendipitous collection of a nonfiction, do it yourself, how tos, and self help books are offer at highly affordable prices.  I … Continue reading

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Heartlander of the Week: Wait It Out

To Blake Hyland, his family, and medical team. Following a head injury early last year, this young man spent weeks in a coma–classic, he may never recover, never  be the same.  He is now slated to head back to school … Continue reading

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