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Heartlander of the Week: Never Forget

This week’s Heartlanders are the investigators who are still searching for answers in the Malaysian Airlines MH370. With all seriousness, events like this make a big splash in the news, the Masses follow the updates for a few weeks, and … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Monday: Oat Soda Bread

So, I have returned from hiatus. This hiatus was a working hiatus and a technical difficulties hiatus, not a vacation hiatus. No, no, the past few months have not been a vacation. :-* One of my discoveries during my “Unwired … Continue reading

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Heartlander of the Week: It’s a Marathon

The Heartlander is back, and this week’s Heartlander is Caitlyn Jenner. We first got to know Caitlyn when she was Bruce, gold medal Decathlete. I’m vaguely old enough to remember 1976 and 1975 and what a craptastic self-image the United States had … Continue reading

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