Gluten-free Monday: Please Stand By While We Interrupt Our Regular Programming

So, normally on Monday I would extol the virtues of or revel in the triumph of overcoming challenges to gluten-free.  However, given that our nation is seriously considering walking into someone else’s country and taking over, Again! I thought it was worth it to express the sense of Gen X on this event of the moment.

OK, poison gas attacks are bad.  Poison gas attacks on civilians are really, really bad.  Poison gas attacks by governments on their own civilians, whatever the comparative political affiliation is just wrong.  If it really happened.

There’s a bit to unwind here, so let’s go piece by piece.  Since the Arab Spring inspired progressives in Syria to speak out against their government two and half years ago, an estimated 100,000 Syrians have died in violence, either perpetrated or participated in by the government.  That’s about the same number of Americans who died in traffic accidents during the same period.  Of course, Syria is a lot smaller than the U.S., and people die in traffic accidents there, too.  Anyway, as a proud member of the bike/ped nation and solidly in the corner of all vulnerable road users (including motorcyclists and scooter riders), I’m still waiting for our political leadership to get as juiced about road deaths as they currently are about Syria.  BTW, those 100,000 road deaths every 27 months or so include plenty of children, women and elders.  FYI.

There’s all kinda bad stuff going on in Syria, but the Government can’t tell us all the bad stuff and they can’t share most of the evidence because it is “sensitive”, “classified”, or “national security.”  Sounds a bit A Few Good Men—“You can’t handle the truth!”  The rallying cry of decision makers who don’t want their decisions second guessed by pesky constituents.  Hmmm . . . .  Maybe some of these people should go run for office in Syria.  The price of Leadership in Democracy is giving meaningful answers to questions.  Yes, you may take our order.

This is “the right thing to do!”  OK, so where’s the rest of the Free World?  Britain already said no dice, they’re always our wingman, so that’s bad.  Some grumblings from continental Europe of support.  OK, that’s good . . . .  NATO (minus Britain) would be a place to start.  No UN resolution because Russia will veto, but they are pitching in and telling Assad, “Come on, lil’ bruh, gotta open the fist and admit you got the bee bees.  Hand ‘em over to me and I’m make sure the other kids don’t beat you up or tell the Principal.”

It will stimulate the economy . . . .  When is our government going to get some Economic Development sense?  Really?   A small overseas war is the only thing you can come up with five years into this economic disaster?  And freeway projects.  Yeah, records stick, that’s why the younger generations listen to CDs and MP3s and livestream.

Where’s Switzerland when we need them?  Why is Switzerland always so . . . . Switzerland?  Uhhhhhh!

A bombing we will go, a bombing we will go, high ho the derry-o a bombing we will go!!!  And when young American’s lives are lost, well, all for a good cause.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming . . . .

Root vegetables rock!  Go Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, turnips, onions, rutabagas . . . .  Yum!!!


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