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Heartlander of the Week: Let it Glow

This week’s Heartlander is the Australian guy who set the Guinness Book Record for the most Christmas lights.  Because it’s Christmas, and Christmas lights are awesome. Let the season begin. 😀  

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Workplace Wednesday: Slow down to chew

On a visit to Australia a few years ago, a discovered that Australian workplaces are required to have full kitchens, stove, sink, fridge.  This is to facilitate employees having the appropriate facilities to store and prepare food for meals.  Yum. … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You About the Very Rich

And now for a kinder, modulated Snark Sooooo, at this point, the folly of the late 20th (early 21st) Century American love affair with ginormous houses has been about talked to death.  You would think. The latest chapter is a … Continue reading

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