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Heartlander of the Week: Roll Call

Get comfy, get a beverage and hunker down for some reading folks, we’re calling out an honor roll this week. First, to Vladimir Putin, our international relations drinking buddy, for his Op Ed that basically reads, “Woah, put the hard … Continue reading

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Having recently relocated to Colorado, I am still learning the state and its people and way of life.  In many ways, it really wasn’t what I expected, there is definitely a city crowd who would get lost in a Winter … Continue reading

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Every Day is Veterans’ Day

So, Sunday was Veterans’ Day. On Saturday, I volunteered with a community dinner providing a Thanksgiving meal to any and all comers, free, as well as a clothing give away.  It was held outside, in front of Denver City Hall.  … Continue reading

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Heartlander of the Week: Johnnie Say Relax

This week’s Heartlander is John Denver, may he rest in peace, for creating the Windstar Land Conservancy, as a place for people to reflect on their lives. The Windstar Land Conservancy announced this week that it would sell the ranch/retreat … Continue reading

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