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Bottoms Up?

So, news recently, which turns out to be dated, but in a timeless kind of way, that contemporary Americans’ drinking habits run a gamut from none at all to under a bridge. Specifically, the Washington Post recently ran a brief … Continue reading

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Heartlander of the Week: Change is Coming

This week’s Heartlander is Jerome Murdough, a mentally-ill inmate, former Marine, father, son, brother, who died in a New York City prison back in March. His funeral was held this week. Mr. Murdough, who died in an overheated jail cell, … Continue reading

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Put on Your Life Preserver, I’m about to Rock the Boat

Believe it or not, I actually do not seek out controversy.  It just so happens that these days being a transit and bicycle riding, dairy and beef loving woman who devotes absolutely *zero* time to achieving a flat stomach makes … Continue reading

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The American Dream

I think there has been a lot of debate in recent years about “The American Dream” and whether it is fading, whether it is still achievable, who is achieving it and who isn’t.  Much of the discussion of the American Dream … Continue reading

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